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A Thoroughly Bad Day

The scrawny little man was sitting in a bar staring at the full glass in front of him. He sat there a good five minutes, then finally put out his hand to take the drink. Just then a big burly biker grabbed the seat beside him, grabbed the glass, and downed the drink.

The little man burst into tears.

The piteous tears somehow moved the biker, and instead of laughing as he would normally would, he turned to the little man and said:

"Hey man, don't take it so badly. I didn't mean to rile you up so much. I'll buy you another drink, or even two."

"You don't understand. This has been the absolute worst day of my life. I overslept. That made me late for work. Because of that, I was fired. Then on leaving the office, I found my car had been stolen. As if that was not enough, I found that in the rush to leave home, I had left my wallet behind so I had no money to take a taxi. I walked ten miles to get home. And when I finally got there, I found my wife in bed with my best friend. So I grabbed my wallet and came here to have a drink - and I had two before you got here and I was able to make a decision - then you showed up and completed this horribly bad day by drinking my poison."