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The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

The little old lady heard the door bell ring. She looked through the window and saw a nicely dressed young man standing on the doorstep.

She opened the door a little bit, and said; "Whatever you're selling I'm not interested."

The salesman took advantage of the small opening and stuck his foot inside. He said, "But I have the best vacuum cleaner in the world here. I'm sure you would like it."

The woman replied; "Whether I'd like it or not is not important. I have no money."

The salesman said, "Just let me demonstrate it, there is no obligation. I'm sure you will be impressed as it works both wet and dry."

The woman's response was, "Demonstrate if you want, but be sure not to leave any mess. And I'm still not buying."

The salesman came in saying; "If my vacuum won't clean this up, then I'll eat it." Then he dumped a bucket of fresh manure in the middle of the carpet.

And the little old lady said; "I hope you have a healthy appetite. The power was cut off for nonpayment this morning."