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The Curious Little Camel

A baby camel walked up to its mother and asked, "Mother dear, why do I have these great big three toed feet?"

The mother answered, "Well little one, when we trek across the desert your toes will help you to stay on top of the soft sand".

"OK" said the young camel, and wandered off to play.

Somewhat later it returned, and after getting a nice drink of milk, it asked "Dear Mother, why do I have these great long eyelashes?"

And the mother camel replied, ", Me dear son, the eyelashes are there to keep the sand out of your eyes on the trips through the desert"

"Thank you Mom," said the son and returned to play.

Hungry again, the little camel came back to its mother, and after another feed, he asked, "Mother, why do I have these great big humps on my back??"

The mother, patiently helping her baby to learn answered, "We have humps to help us store water for our long treks across the desert, so we can go without drinking for long periods."

The little camel looking somewhat confused said; "That's all very good so far, we have great big feet to stop us sinking, we have long eyelashes to keep the sand from our eyes, and we have these humps to store water, but... ?"

"Yes son?"

"What are we doing in the Calgary Zoo?"