Jokes Menu - Series 1

Courses for Men

- As Taught by Women 

I do at times advertise in some of the single sections hoping to find the woman of my dreams. One woman replied to an ad suggesting that I did seem interesting, but first my attendance in at least 15 of the following courses would be mandatory before we got serious. (Things just did not work out.)

  1. Combating Stupidity
  2. You Can Do Housework Too
  3. PMS - Learning When to Keep Your Mouth Shut
  4. How to Fill an Ice Tray
  5. We Do Not Want Sleazy Underthings for Christmas. GIVE US MONEY.
  6. Understanding the Female Response to Your Coming in Drunk at 3 am.
  7. Wonderful Laundry Techniques (formerly called "Don't Wash my Silks")
  8. Parenting - No, it Doesn't End with Conception.
  9. How Not to Act Like a Total Jerk When You Are Obviously Always Wrong
  10. Get a Life - Learn to Cook.
  11. Spelling - Even You Can Get it Right
  12. You - The Weaker Sex
  13. Reasons to Give Flowers
  14. How to Stay Awake After Sex
  15. Why it is Unacceptable to Relieve Yourself Anywhere but the Washroom
  16. Garbage - Getting it to the Curb.
  17. Male Arousal 101 - You Can Fall Asleep Without It - If You Really Try
  18. Male Arousal 102 - The Morning Dilemma - If It's Awake, Take a Shower
  19. I'll Wear it if I Damn Well Please
  20. How to Put the Toilet Lid Down (formerly called "No, It's Not A Bidet")
  21. Give Me a Break - Why we Know Your Excuses are B.S.
  22. The Weekend and Sports are Not Synonymous
  23. How to Go Shopping with Your Mate without Getting Lost
  24. The Remote Control - Overcoming Your Dependency
  25. Romanticism - Other Ideas Besides Sex
  26. Helpful Posture Hints for Couch Potatoes
  27. Changing Your Underwear - It Really Works
  28. How Not To Act Younger Than Your Children
  29. You Too Can Be a Designated Driver
  30. Male Bonding - Leaving Your Friends at Home
  31. Fluffing the Blankets After Releasing Gas is NOT Necessary
  32. The Attainable Goal - Omitting ]@#$&$ From Your Vocabulary
  33. Honest, You Don't Look Like Mel Gibson - Especially When Naked