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The Mute Parrot

A fellow buys a parrot, but it has had a previous owner. The parrot's vocabulary is totally obscene.The new owner tries to reform his parrot by variously offering tidbits, shouting at it, and covering the cage each time it swears. Nothing works.

In frustration, he throws parrot into the freezer, and can still hear the parrot cursing. This cintinues for several minutes. But suddenly there is total silence.

Worried that he may have permanently injured the bird, he quickly opens the freezer.

The parrot comes out with wholly-changed demeanor. It says:

"On reflection, my language has been entirely improper. I intend to change. I humbly beg for your pardon."

There's a pause, then the parrot continues:

"May I ask what, exactly, the turkey did?"