Shorts 3

  • Why was the cat so small? Because it only ate condensed milk!
  • Why did the cat cross the road? It was the chicken's day off !
  • What works in a circus, walks a tightrope and has claws? An acrocat!
  • What do you call a cat wearing shoes? Puss in boots!
  • What does a cat call a bowl of mice? A purrfect meal!
  • What is another way to describe a cat? A heat seeking missile!
  • What did the cat do when he swallowed some cheese? He waited by the mouse hole with baited breath!
  • Why are cats longer in the evening than they are in the morning? Because they're let out in the evening and taken in in the morning!
  • And always remember... when the cat's away.....? The house smells better!

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