Shorts 1

  • What is the cat's favourite TV show? The evening mews!
  • What's worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxi cabs!
  • How is cat food sold? Usually purr can!
  • What do you get if cross a cat with a canary? Shredded tweet!
  • What's the unluckiest kind of cat to have? A catastrophe!
  • Who was the most powerful cat in China? Chairman Miaow!
  • What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar? A sourpuss!
  • What is cleverer than a talking cat? A spelling bee!
  • How do you know that cats are sensitive creatures? They never cry over spilt milk!
  • There were four cats in a boat, one jumped out. How many were left ? None. They were all copycats!

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