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Frankie and Her Patented Ritual

by Daniel M. Weiss

Honestly, I do not know how long this has been going on. I cannot remember when it wasn't, excepting when they first came to share this home with me.

Cats own you in ways you could never imagine. Yes, you are their keeper, lover, feeder, poop scooperer, etc. You are also bent to their wishes and needs.

In other words, they exploit and train you to obey their desires.

Frankie has trained me well, to do the following, no matter how many times a day I may leave the house and come back. Five or ten times, it makes no difference.

Cats have remarkable hearing; it's part of their survival skills. Returning home, she hears me coming up the steps. Even before inserting the key to open the front door, Frankie is already adapting to her ritual.

She's fully stretched out on the rug with her belly exposed, (Cats will never expose their soft under parts excepting for those they love and trust.) waiting for me to rub her belly and touch her face as she moves it around on the carpet.

This is the way she greets me and I have no choice but to accede to her command. I would never forgive myself for failing to do so, in view of her trust and love for me.

How could I not give in to her need? It would to my way of thinking be sacrilegious if I failed to greet her in the manner she's expecting.

Have you not had a child run to you as you entered the house and be enveloped in a hug?

To me, Frankie is a child and as a "parent" I love her. How often have I gone away for a few days and missed her? Many times nearing home, my thoughts turned to her and her companion cat, Johnnie. "My children."

Yet, let me walk up the steps with another person, she'll not go into her ritual, but will be on guard. What are these strange footsteps along with Mr. Mom's?

Who dares to come into our home and upset her greeting me?

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