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The Conspiracy Theory of Conspiracy Theory

(This page still undergoing deconstruction)

Disclaimer: This section of the site has nothing to do with any film of a remotely similar name in whole or part. It is not based on the movie, nor on the book (if any) on which the movie is based .

"The proponents of conspiracy theory hold that all historical events mask the designs of tricksters, plotters, and evil 'unidentified' forces. Their opponents suggest the opposite, that conspiracy and deception do not exist. Both are sadly mistaken." Norman Davies: Europe - A History

"conspiracy: n., a planning and acting together secretly, esp. for an unlawful or harmful purpose, such as murder or treason." Webster's

Perhaps you came to this page looking for the previous contents in a previous incarnation of the site - The Conspiracy Theory of Conspiracy Theory - which put forth the proposition that all extant conspiracy theories are nothing more than the product of a single massive conspiracy (or meta-conspiracy) that has been conducted by a shadowy secret organization for the past several thousand years. That document has disappeared into electronic limbo, both from the Web and from the PC on which it was composed. In addition, after a short unexpected stay in a monastery somewhere in the French Alps, the author found all memory of the document had been lost. This disappearance may be considered as perhaps the only real evidence of the existence of that meta-conspiracy.

This fragment may have been part of that original article.

The following points should be borne in mind by anyone who seriously wants to investigate conspiracy theory

  1. The more evidence there is to support a given conspiracy theory, the more probable it is that the theory is false. Such evidence can be only assumed to have been planted to mislead investigators and to cover up the real conspiracy.
  2. If there is no evidence to support a given conspiracy theory, then it is highly likely that the conspiracy exists, and has successfully covered its tracks.
  3. Paranoia is good.


May 2004